Makeup Like You Mean Business

What Is

"Makeup Like You Mean Business"?

You’ve done your research, You’ve prepared your presentation… Now make sure you look the part!

“Makeup Like You Mean Business” addresses your professional side and focuses on teaching you how to apply makeup in a way that gains you respect and command of the room. The way you present yourself matters so much in the business world. Your appearance precedes you. Before you even get a chance to say your name, the people around you will already have a opinion on you simply going off of the personal image you created. So make sure you walk through the doors with a confident stance and a flawless face!

In this course, we will cover

-The importance of your appearance in the business world

-The techniques to proper makeup application that professional makeup artists use

-How to create the perfect look for any business occasion

-How to master the balance of “pretty” and “professional”

-How to apply your primers, powders, eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick etc.

-What to do to keep your makeup from smearing, smudging or sweating off

-What products will work best for your skin type and coloring

-Other tips and tricks that are taught in the cosmetic industry

Here is what you receive with the course

-A Mirror Birdie: Getting overwhelmed or confused? This adorable little card is designed to guide you through your makeup routine as you implement what you have learned in this course! Put it on your vanity or tape it to your mirror!

-A Secondary Mirror Birdie: Because 2 is better than 1! You secondary Mirror Birdie is perfect for travel! Throw it in your purse, leave it in your suitcase or if you do your makeup in your car, tape it to your visor so you are always prepared to look fabulous!

-My specific formulas that speak to the process of proper makeup applications that are not taught anywhere else

-Tips, tricks and techniques that are taught in the cosmetic industry

-12 Video lessons that are categorized into 3 Lessons (Eyes, Face and Lips) that each contain 4 videos (Products, Prep, Play and Polish)


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  • Release Date: 02 November, 2016

  • Price: $75.00