Not Your Mother’s Makeup….


Like any industry, the cosmetic industry is constantly changing and improving, producing brand new products every day. Some of these products have changed the makeup game and have encouraged the evolution of the makeup routine. As children, we are typically taught how to apply makeup at a young age by our mothers. They taught us the fundamentals of makeup, passing down the traditions of cosmetics. In the midst of preserving the traditions of cosmetics while embracing modern application, there are a few things that are still being taught today that have become obsolete in the cosmetic industry. Here are our Top 5 makeup faux pas that we learned from our mothers!

#1: Color Matching On Your Wrist– This is the most common way to color match and most people are surprised to hear that it’s totally wrong. Your wrist does not get the same amount of sun exposure that your face does. Your face can be much darker or much lighter. To get the most accurate color matching, you need to match the foundation to your neck. Then people typically ask, “Why not simply match to your face?” Well, the same principle applies. Your face and your neck get different amounts of sun exposure and if you match your foundation just to your face, you can end up looking choppy because your face might be more tan but your neck more fair. When you match directly to your neck, you’ll end up with a seamless look, as you will have an even blend from your face down into your neck.

*If you are a fan of makeup tutorials, check out a couple of makeup artists who do their foundation in their videos. More often than not, when they take off their foundation you can see how big the difference is between the color of their skin and the color of their foundation.

#2: Applying Your Foundation Before Your Eye Makeup– Growing up, you probably were taught to put on moisturizer, apply your foundation, then move on to your eyes. But, there are a couple reasons why this an ineffective process.
First, as your blending, you get what we call “fall down”, this is any extra eye shadow that falls out of your brush or off your lid and onto the tops of your cheeks and under your eyes. If you have your foundation on when this occurs, the shadow will stick to your foundation making you look tired and dull. If you try to wipe off the fall down, you’ll end up wiping away any concealer or foundation that you have already placed there. Then you’ll have to reapply it, which in the ends costs you time and money as you use up more product. Secondly, you also need to give your daytime moisturizer enough time to absorb into your skin so you get the full benefit of it before applying your foundation.

#3: Applying Foundation With A Makeup Sponge– This one even surprised me. I had always used a makeup sponge and didn’t even know there was an alternative. I began working at a makeup store and I noticed the IT Cosmetic’s liquid foundation brush. At first I thought, “Holy cow this is so soft…” but then I thought about how difficult it must be to blend in your foundation with a brush. When I asked a co-worker about it, she explained that it works so much better than applying foundation with a makeup wedge and that I just needed to try it one time to understand. So I splurged, and she was right. I had mastered foundation application with a sponge so it was hard to convince me to change my routine, but boy, am I glad I did! My foundation blended in smoother and more evenly than trying to blot it on with a sponge. Not to mention the money you save when you use a foundation brush. Makeup sponges actually use almost double the foundation that a brush uses. It simply absorbs more product, costing you tons of money. With a makeup brush, you use less product and you’ll get a more even and non-streaky application. Seriously, try it. You’ll never look back. (Unless you’re checking yourself out in a mirror…In that case, go ahead…cause you’ll look that fantastic.)

#4: Eyeliner All The Way Around The Waterline– Everyone knows that eyeliner defines the eye, but the way we used to be taught to put on eyeliner is very different from the way it is taught today. Eyeliner, whether it be liquid, pencil or gel, goes above the lash line. However, when people carry it down to their water line and into the inner corner of their eye, not only does it make your eyes look super harsh, it actually makes the eye look smaller and older. Instead, take a dark shadow and line the bottom part of your eye underneath the lash line. Start from the outer corner where your eyelashes meet and bring it towards the inner corner, but stop at the halfway point. Don’t forget to soften it up by blending it a bit more so it doesn’t look too sharp!

#5: Contrasting Lip Liner– I really noticed this problem after I began working in a cosmetics store. While the younger demographic came in with lipliner that matched their lipstick, the older women would come in with a lighter shade of lipstick and a really harsh shade of lipliner. You rarely see this is the younger generations because they are taught to match the liner to the lipstick or get as close as possible to matching. It was hard to explain to the older women that wearing no lipliner at all is better than wearing the wrong color. However, your makeup will look more polished when you pick a flattering color and further define your lips with a matching liner.

We learn so much from our mothers. Including how to do our makeup; and while certain techniques have became our classic go-to tricks, there are certain techniques that have become out dated. Between the latest trends & newest products, one thing’s for sure… this is not your mother’s makeup.

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