The Birth of Beauty Bird

The concept of Beauty Bird was first developed in 2016 originally as a makeup delivery service. The idea has since then grown into a full website housing an ever growing array of Courses, all with the goal of teaching people how to embrace their many sides. Our first course, “Makeup Like You Mean Business” focuses on your business side, teaching you how to gain respect in the business world through impeccable makeup application and a flawless face! We dive into the importance of your “image” and the way you present yourself to others. However, this is just the beginning! We will have a course to cover every one of your many sides! Bridal, Glamour, Goth… you name it and we will be adding it to our menu of courses!

What is Beauty Bird?

Beauty Bird is a fun site that teaches you how to express your many different sides! As individuals, we each have various facets of our personalities…the business professional, the glamorous sex kitten, the gothic corset-queen… You should be able to embrace each of these sides through makeup without getting caught up in the technicals of how. Here at Beauty Bird, you are taught the awesome art of makeup in a way that will translate to every one of your looks. Never again will you get caught in a situation where you won’t know how much makeup is too much, or how to conquer that smokey eye with a razor sharp winged liner for that concert you’ve been dying to see! Beauty Bird understands that you have many layers and have the need to let them shine! We encourage you to do so, and do it with flair!

Meet Victoria:

Hi! I’m Victoria Ruke. I created Beauty Bird for those of us who have a variety of personalities and styles. As an actress at heart, I love to hone in on the different characters within me and play those up though makeup. One day, I’ll be wearing corsets with dark smokey makeup and a bold lip, the next, glitter shadow and a light sundress.  As I grew up, I realized that these different sides to me made me who I was, and something that I have come to cherish, but unfortunately, I saw that others were not feeling the same about themselves. I wanted women to not only be encouraged to “own” their different sides, but do to it with confidence. Coming from years of experience in the cosmetic industry, I saw where I could be the solution and created an area where people can come as they are and learn the things that I have learned as I teach them through easy to follow courses, chop full of the tips and tricks I have been taught and still use every single day. I feel that if you have the foundational knowledge of how to properly utilize makeup to enhance your natural beauty, then you can easily revamp your routine to fit every one of your many sides.

With that said, I am so excited that you are here! I hope that you are encouraged to live life to the fullest and embrace every side of you. My goal is for Beauty Bird to help you do exactly that as you learn the art of makeup and feel confident every morning as you go and seize the day!